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Concrete Pumping Specialists

Home of the largest and modern fleet of concrete pumps nationwide.

Hunter Valley Concrete Pumping Service

Welcome to Hunter Valley Concrete Pumping Service.

The home of the largest and modern fleet of concrete pumps nationwide.

Specializing in High Rise, Commercial, Civil, Mining and Industrial Projects.

Hunter Valley Concrete Pumping Service has a substantial fleet of truck mounted concrete boom pumps, line pumps, trailer pumps and separate placing booms. Providers of specialised, professional concrete pumping services including Shotcrete to the Sydney, Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Newcastle construction and resources industries

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the Concrete Pumping Contractor of choice for all civil, commercial, industrial, resources and infrastructure requirements in our region through commitment to quality service with an emphasis on excellence.

We aim to provide exceptional staff and equipment to ensure the most efficient delivery of pumping concrete to the satisfaction of all customers whilst adhering to rigorous industry guidelines relating to safe work practices and environmental care.


The Safety of our people is our number one priority. HVCPS hold safety as a core value and continually reinforce this through all of our people and activities. We see this is being essential for our employees, our Clients and continued success of our business. Safety is an integral part of everything we do.

The success of our safety systems depends on the attitudes, knowledge and training of our employees. This is why we continue to put time and effort into training our people because they are our best and most valued resource.

Our Fleet

Hunter Valley Concrete Pumping Service has a wide trailer pump, boom pump and line pump range, as well as separate placing booms, from the smallest to the largest available in Australia, servicing Sydney, the Hunter Valley, and Newcastle. We also have a wide range of customers. Obviously many of our customers are very experienced at specifying a concrete pumps and managing a concrete pump pour or Shotcrete project.

That said, some customers are less experienced and we try to offer as much help and support as we can to these customers. We can give advice over the phone and are always prepared to make a site visit if it will help make the concrete pour a success.

In addition to these direct forms of assistance, we aim to give as much useful information as we can here on our website.


Hunter Valley Concrete Pumping Service stocks a complete range of truck and trailer-mounted concrete pumps to provide a solution for every job. From our management to our skilled workforce, no other company embodies as much concrete pumping experience.

Our machines will help you with the most versatile applications in the fields of concrete, mortar and screed and plaster, pipes, high pressure cleaning and solids as well as in tunnelling and mining.

Hunter Valley Concrete Pumping Service operates a full range of mobile concrete pumps to ensure a suitable pump can be selected for each job. We offer boom sizes from 24 to 58 metres to cover the smallest and largest of sites. The pumps are rated at between 90 and 164 cubic metres / hour to accommodate small pours as well as mass fill jobs. We offer high pressure pumps to pump long ground-lines and can supply additional pipeline and linesmen to carry out these pours.

A number of pumps are fitted with boom restrictors which limit the working area of the boom. This is particularly useful when working near overhead cables or close to public areas. Hunter Valley’s pumps are effective with all pumpable concrete mixes including special concretes. We regularly pump lightweight, heavyweight, polypropylene fibre reinforced, steel fibre reinforced, foamed, super-plasticised, self-levelling, microsilica and low slump concrete, as well as grout. When working with these specialist materials we strongly recommend that you arrange a meeting to include the concrete pump supplier and the concrete supplier to ensure that the pump pour goes to plan.