Need a Line Pump or Boom Pump for your Newcastle site?

You’ve come to the right page. HVCPS doesn’t just serve our local area – we’re also a supplier of choice for building, construction and public works projects across the Newcastle area. Whether you’re pouring the foundation of a multi-residential complex, creating an even new sidewalk, or pouring a retaining wall, we’re here to help. Our hire services are flexible, and we are able to work with your specialist supplier of choice to ensure that safety, speed and efficiency are maintained.

Shotcrete specialists providing expert concrete pumping services

Because we concentrate on pumping and spraying of concrete (Shotcrete), we’ve become true specialists with extensive product knowledge and experience working on a variety of projects. Whilst many of our clients are more than capable of selecting their preferred machine and managing the pumping process, we also offer extensive consultation and setup services. View our Services page for more information. Our depot is located just minutes’ drive away from the heart of Newcastle, so we are ideally positioned to offer on-time delivery, meaning your project stays on track with no unnecessary delays.

Speak to Newcastle’s concrete pumping experts today

You can explore our fleet, including technical specifications of each boom pump and line pump, via the Fleet page. Call or get in touch online to discuss your requirements and reserve your preferred model.

Our Fleet

KVM 24 — 24m Boom

KVM 32 XL — 32m Boom

KVM 34 XG — 34m Boom

S 31 HT — 31m Boom

S 39 SX — 39m Boom

S 43 SX — 43m Boom

S 47 SX — 47m Boom

S 28X — 28m Boom

S 32X — 32m Boom

S 36X — 36m Boom

BSF 38-5.16H

BSF 47-5.16H

BSF 2110 HP

WPT 95 — 150kw Line Pump

SP 500 — 50mm Unit Pump

SP 1000 — 50mm Unit Pump

BP 2000 HDR — 2300kw Pump

BP 4000 HDR — 2100kw Pump

SPB35 — 35m Boom


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