S 31 HT

S 31 HT Truck Mounted Concrete Pump with Telescopic Boom

Truck Mounted Concrete Pump with Telescopic Boom

Boom Specifications S 31 HT
Maximum vertical reach 30.55m
Maximum gross horizontal reach 26.5m
Maximum net horizontal reach 24m
Minimum unfolding height 5.7m
Number of arms 4
Pipeline diameter 125mm
Front outrigger spread 4.0m
Rear outrigger spread 4.0m
Pump Specifications S 31 HT
Max. concrete output,theor. 164m3/h
Max. number of strokes 33 per min
Max. concrete pressure 85 bar
Dimensions given for guidance only – see below

S 31 HT Working Range

S 31 HT Boom Chart

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