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High Rise

Our separate placing booms offer extraordinary versatility producing high delivery rates over large areas and all in a variety of mounting options: free standing, slab supported, self-climbing form systems, on barges, walls or most any structure. Because of our vast experience designing placing booms for the construction of high-rise buildings and many other structures, we have a proven method to speed your project to completion.

When the project is the most challenging, that’s when Schwing’s versatile equipment combines with the knowledge and experience of our application engineers to design a delivery system to meet your concrete placement goals.

Schwing brings innovation to the placement of concrete with octagonal mast sections that not only optimize strength and durability through their shape, but are easy to transport and provide a modular approach for ultimate flexibility. Schwing placing booms easily transition from free-standing to slab supported configurations with a range of bolt-on accessories that can be easily added. A self-climbing mechanism makes the raising or lowering of the mast and boom a one-man job freeing the tower crane for other lifting duties.

HVCPS utilizers the environmentally friend water wash system.

The system is designed to minimise waste concrete and significantly reduces safety risks to workers.

Costs plays a huge part in construction and pending on the size of the project the water wash system provides a significant reduction in waste concrete.

Previous method of cleaning long line delivery and SPB was done by using compressed air. This method had a history of near misses and incidents which caused worker injury and property damage.

The other major benefit of the water wash system is the impact on the environment by preventing pollution and controlling waste management.

HVCPS are more than happy to discuss the benefits and advantages of our Environmentally Friend Water Wash System.