Biodegradable Mould Oil


Prior to commencing each contract, our operators make contact with the site manager to receive a site induction and then set up their pump, as instructed.

Once the pump is set up, the operator sprays a thin and uniform coat of mould oil around the hopper to ensure that, once the pour is over, the pump can be cleaned out efficiently. It is important that the pump is thoroughly cleaned after each job as, if concrete were to be allowed to build up in the hopper, it could spall off during a subsequent pour and cause a blockage in the pipeline.

At Hunter Valley Concrete Pumping Service we only use a solvent free, readily biodegradable mould oil.

Our Fleet

KVM 24 — 24m Boom

KVM 32 XL — 32m Boom

KVM 34 XG — 34m Boom

S 31 HT — 31m Boom

S 39 SX — 39m Boom

S 43 SX — 43m Boom

S 47 SX — 47m Boom

S 28X — 28m Boom

S 32X — 32m Boom

S 36X — 36m Boom

BSF 38-5.16H

BSF 47-5.16H

BSF 2110 HP

WPT 95 — 150kw Line Pump

SP 500 — 50mm Unit Pump

SP 1000 — 50mm Unit Pump

BP 2000 HDR — 2300kw Pump

BP 4000 HDR — 2100kw Pump

SPB35 — 35m Boom


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