Concrete Pumping on the Central Coast

Concrete pumping is an essential stage in many construction, building and public works jobs. From the foundations to the walls, floors, concrete pumping is used as a labour-saving method of applying concrete at every turn. Boom pumps are used on larger projects, whilst line pumps are generally used on smaller projects; whichever you choose, you’ll be saving countless man hours over other filling methods.

What makes HVCPS the best concrete pump provider for the job?

Because we concentrate exclusively on concrete pumping, we have developed extensive product knowledge and practical expertise across a wide range of pumps, in different situations and applications. Even experienced project managers and other stakeholders can benefit from our expert service and advice. We are happy to consult on your project and help you select the right machinery for your job. Our operators will also ensure efficient setup.

Our depot is located just a short drive away from the Central Coast, meaning we’re ideally placed to serve sites all over the region. All you need to do to book a pump is get in touch and provide basic details including your company name, contact name, phone number, site address, date and time, size, etc. When using a specialist concrete, we recommend also getting in touch with the supplier and arranging a meeting to ensure the right pump hire match for the job.

Browse our Fleet page to see available concrete pump models. For more information or to make a booking, call or get in touch online now.

Our Fleet

KVM 24 — 24m Boom

KVM 32 XL — 32m Boom

KVM 34 XG — 34m Boom

S 31 HT — 31m Boom

S 39 SX — 39m Boom

S 43 SX — 43m Boom

S 47 SX — 47m Boom

S 28X — 28m Boom

S 32X — 32m Boom

S 36X — 36m Boom

BSF 38-5.16H

BSF 47-5.16H

BSF 2110 HP

WPT 95 — 150kw Line Pump

SP 500 — 50mm Unit Pump

SP 1000 — 50mm Unit Pump

BP 2000 HDR — 2300kw Pump

BP 4000 HDR — 2100kw Pump

SPB35 — 35m Boom


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